Sgt Bakers Fish and Chips

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Sgt Bakers Fish  and Chippery

I remember our Mr. Chippy…

Rushing home with the steaming parcel and fighting to be the first to unwrap it.
Biting into the light crispy batter and into the soft part of the catch of the day. Dipping one of Mr. Chippies thick cut chips into a little spicy mayo and devouring it in one bite. Tearing open the brown paper bag and wrapping my hands around the juicy gourmet burger, blissfully ignorant of the little bit of sauce that is beginning to dribble down my finger.
And of- course, the dimmy, that first crunch before I get to the smoking hot centre.

What is your memory?
Sgt Baker
Your new local Chippy!



Sgt Bakers Fish and Chips
Sgt Bakers Fish and Chips
Sgt Bakers Fish and Chips

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Feel free to Contact them at: 03 9717 1800

Store Hours:

Monday – Sunday 11am – 7:50pm

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